Blog: Write Your Own Story

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 11 2021

Blog: Write Your Own Story

Featured image: Telling The Story

Is morality based on the concept of perfection? If so, then who measures this perfection?

Perfection is not, and should not be, measured by a practice of something another unique individual finds impossible.

Why? Because what another unique individual finds perfect is not the same perfect as you would find. Practice your own perfection and allow others to do the same. I believe that by doing this there will be a harmonious whole. It will just not be the one that has been visualized before where we all think alike. Rather it will be the one that is filled with motley colors and uniqueness and the respect for the golden rule.

You write your own story – and let others do the same. This is not a morality based on perfection other than the perfection of one's self and soul to do unto others.

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