About Christine

"There are no two identical ways artwork can be viewed. There is no right or wrong when viewing artwork our minds need to be as open as a child’s, playing with colorful building blocks or choosing colors from a box of crayons filled with possibilities." - Christine Alfery

Christine Alfery is an award winning Contemporary Conceptual Artist that has been widely exhibited in museums, galleries and in corporate and private collections around the world. 

Christine has a style that is uniquely her own and one that has been widely, well-received and rewarded for its’ own uniqueness and beauty. Christine’s work employs many of the techniques of the abstract expressionists, including: gestural mark making, color fields and conceptual work. Having succeeded in the art world for over 50 years, Christine continues to strive for authenticity, emphasizing the importance of an artist who is true to themselves and not the whims of market trends.