Blog: The Do Not's In The Art Playground

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 11 2021

Blog: The Do Not's In The Art Playground

Featured image: Escape

Do not keep to yourself the fire that is in your mind, soul and spirit.

Do not surrender and say it cannot be done until you try. 

Do not give in, do not give up. Try.

Do not function at a fraction of what you are capable of thinking.

Do not long for an ideal that is not and cannot be real.

Do not abandon your quest to know.

Do not give up belief in the unknown and the unseen. Do not believe for one second that the unknown or the unseen is real, for then you are cloaking reality.

There are several games played on the playground of art.

Game one. I don’t need to be paid for creative work. This is pretending that you don’t need to receive value for value for the work you created, for your intellectual property. These artists create for an unrealistic idealism that just cannot and doesn’t exist. Art will never be just art. That is an impossibility. There is always other elements in the mixture of what art is.

Game two. There is no art market – or there is an art market.

Game three. The "want-to-be" artist.

Game four. Authentic artists know that judgment is necessary when it comes to art. For without judgment art is controlled. Judgment is what qualifies art as art and what is not art.

Authentic art can be traded – through fair trade values.

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