The Hope of the Dragonfly

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 07 2020

The Hope of the Dragonfly

Oh my gosh the dragonflies came out today. So many good memories of dragonflies. I remember when my daughter was still a child - we sat on the beach for a whole day watching them emerge and climb up the boathouse wall.

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Emerging Dragonfly by Christine Alfery

Their wings drying in the wind.

The urge to help them along - but leaving them alone.

The colors - the wonderful, wonderful, beautiful colors.

Ever since that day my daughter and I have a special bond with dragonflies - and I have painted many of them. You can see them on my website:

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The Hope of the Dragonfly by Christine Alfery

Dragonflies are filled with hope - and for me love - and new birth. They just make me feel good inside - and they are now 1000's of them flying around in my backyard.

Such a glorious moment - time to pause.

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