The Gardner

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 27 2022

The Gardner
Featured image: Trumpets in the Garden

I guess I could call myself a gardener. Why? Because I feel the garden is such a creative, artistic environment, and gardens reflect the individual who creates them.

I create my garden like I create my paintings by organizing spaces, little islands of surprise and color and scent. Each time I walk past an island of phlox of lilies I am filled with delight over their sweet scents.

I believe that my love of the garden reflects my personal life and the way that I want to live. With my gardens I share my love for the natural beauty and passion to create. Whenever someone visits the studio, rarely do they not mention the gardens. They ask,”You did all this?” My reply always is that I created it. And if I remember I add that the gardens reflect my vision for my life, my love, belief in creativity, and my respect for all things natural and of nature.
I trust the ways of nature and the natural.

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