August 26, 2022

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 26 2022

August 26, 2022


Coffee in the Rain

Featured image: Coffee In The Rain

I drank coffee in the rain this morning. I listen as the raindrops fall on my bright red umbrella and I watch as the wind dances with the trees. What a beautiful sanctuary.


The Choices We Make

Featured image: Coffee With a Little Yellow Bird At The Bird Bath

Is there anything original anymore? Or are we all just a re-mixture of all the things that have been? Is there actually an original painting/artwork any more or is it just a re-mixture of all the things that have already been?

Is this life just a remix or is it an original? Look at yourself. My answer would favor you are an original, one of a kind, like no other.

It is the process of living an authentic life and making choices that makes you who you are, just like the choices we make will be different than what has been before.  We are the choices we make.  They are the only things that define us and make us authentic.

This Work “Coffee with a Little Yellow Finch at the Bird Bath” is an excellent example, II tried to make that little yellow bird look like a finch. But alas, any authentic self got in the way. The little yellow finch is different from that of other artists who make little yellow finches.

Some choices I make in my life are to celebrate knowledge and innovation – and to follow my own path. Think about the choices you make.


Constrained or Unconstrained

Featured image: Cairn

Is art spontaneous or robotic? 

Today the constrained principles of capitalism has become a constraint on art, what art is, what it can be and its potential.  Mind you, I think that capitalism is the best way out there for masses of anything to be controlled and governed.  The constraints of capitalism on art, art making and creating comes in the form of a museum, a gallery, or a curation. 

But, art is not part of the masses. It has always been an isolated event between an artist and their media. The unconstrained freedom of Abstract Expressionists can never happen again.  All we can hope for is what history has left us with and the elements of that history that we can use within our current times.

My work is playful but it doesn’t have a playground that is fenced in.  What viewers relate to is the freedom that my work expresses and the uncontrolled mark making blog with what these marks represent. 


In My Opinion

Featured image: Barnyard Jubilee

In my opinion artists rarely allow things to happen to them but rather they go out and happen to things.


New Works:

Blue Jay II



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