Blog: Sound

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 10 2019

Critters and Yellow Birds Sharing a Nest By Christine Alfery 14 x 14 Watermedia on paper

Featured image: Critters and Yellow Birds Sharing a Nest

Chicago is called the “Windy City” but I couldn’t hear the wind this past weekend when I was there.  I couldn’t hear the snow landing on the rooftops of buildings. 

Yesterday, when I was having my morning coffee outside in the cold all bundled up, I heard the wind.  It was dancing with the few remaining dried leaves on the trees.  I could hear them moving together. 

This morning I could hear the wings of a Blue Jay landing on the feeder and the claws of a squirrel climbing a tree.  I could hear a woodpecker pecking for food and squirrels playing in the dried leaves.

And the wonder, I could hear the silence.

For me, the aesthetics of the country seem to calm my heart and make me happy.  The aloneness together with the earth is so wonderful. 

We make choices in our lives. I seem to have always chosen nature and the outside, and independence where I can cross the street and not worry whether the walk light is on or not.  There are many ways we are controlled in both the rural and the urban environments. I choose the choices I can make in the country. They are a plus for me because they fill me with wonder and life.  I like hearing the wind dance with the trees. 

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