Blog: Old Growth V

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 10 2019

Blog: Old Growth V
Featured image: Suspension
There is something absolutely wonderful when I am walking in the woods and come across really large virgin trees. Yesterday, while we were hiking one of the trails to Rainbow Falls at Black River Harbor, we came across several groves of very large cedar and white pines. Just imagine living that long, getting that tall, and surviving all sorts of weather. Nature never ceases to amaze and will me with wonder and gratitude for life. 
I love doing the Old Growth Series. They just pop up when I am painting. They aren’t preplanned. “The General Sherman Tree – Sequoia National Park” was that way and also the other in the Old Growth Series This makes “Old Growth V” the third in the series. 
I know that you must be asking yourself, “Why does this one have the number V after it?” Well, they just didn’t work out. Old Growth IV turned into Old Growth V.  Although the original scan captures the image perfectly, when I was done with it, I wasn’t satisfied. So, I started working on it again. Old Growth IV no longer exists but I still can make prints of it.

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