Blog: Reaching for the Stars

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 27 2020

Blog: Reaching for the Stars

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The art that we create is not to build a legacy, it is not a monument to shout that I was here – to let others know I lived in this time. The creation, the paper, the stone, the canvas, the clay, the object is not what lasts forever. The object is not what moves into the future for others to build upon and create from. What is eternal and lasts forever are our ideas.

What we leave behind is only of value if it can push us and others forward. It is not the immediate result of what we have created that is important. Rather it is that our ideas advance our time and will be taken up and expanded upon in the future.

She Leaves a Trail of Stars by Christine Alfery
She Leaves a Trail of Stars Wherever She Goes by Christine Alfery

We are part of the creative energy that exists all around us. This creative energy like is like music – it fills us up – fills all our senses. We see it, we smell it, we hear it, we touch it and then we think it. 

Thinking it is creativity. It is the idea, the concept, that becomes – and from it we create the object. That thought, that creative moment is like 1000 musical notes in a concert. In that moment we know, we absolutely know, things have changed and will never be the same for us again. Search out your senses – search out creativity – think.

Reach into space where there are millions and millions of gentle stars. Most are unreachable, some are obscure, many are un-seeable. Do not let that stop you. Reach out for their energy, their light. Create your idea, your abstraction from this infinite space, from this obscure space, create from the imaged stars that have no name and create for future visions.

Galaxy by Christine Alfery
Galaxy by Christine Alfery

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