Blog: Constellation Mark Making

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 28 2020

The Scale - The Machine - The Natural by Christine Alfery

Featured image: Oceans Deep

A collector asked “I noticed some of your works have dots connected with lines that remind me of constellations in the sky. Are these constellations? Is this a new mark in your works?”

These are a new collection of marks that began appearing in my works in early 2020. They look like constellations in the sky but when you look closer you will notice that they are different. They are not the constellations that we are familiar with such as Orion, Ursa, Scorpius, and Gemni, but instead they represent how things are connected. 

Like traditional constellations they do help guide the way, but in my artwork these marks give direction to the wonders of living a creative life. They represent how we are connected to the creative world and the wonders of living. They guide our way as we forge a creative path through life.

Further they represent how all things are connected. Not only are we all connected here on earth, but we are connected in a broader sense – in the things that can be seen and in the things we cannot see but feel.

The work "Somehow We Are Connected" featuring my constellation mark making is part of the 2020 Texas Visual Arts Association's Online Exhibition, Works On Paper. I was honored to be awarded Purple Sage Honor Society Signature Status in the Texas Watercolor Society earlier this year. This is the Texas Watercolor Society's highest honor.

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