October 14, 2022 Weekly Musings

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 14 2022

October 14, 2022 Weekly Musings


La De Da Accepted Into Exhibition

La De Da has been accepted into the Neville Museum 77th Annual Juried Exhibition in Green Bay, WI.
October 29, 2022 - February 5, 2023
Message from Exhibition:
Dear Christine,
On behalf of the Neville Public Museum and Jan Mirenda Smith we are excited to let you know that "La De Da" was ACCEPTED into the 77th Art Annual Juried Exhibition! We appreciate you taking the time to share your art with us and are excited for the upcoming show. 

Jan wrote the following in reflection on selecting art for the exhibition: "...the exhibition represents a rich survey of current creative efforts in this part of Wisconsin, and it indeed provides a story of the area through these boundless creative directions. I am humbled for the honor to see this incredible output of creativity...."



Featured image: Threshold
Reaching a threshold a turning point
Filled with a shoreline of change
new frontiers. Where spirits
and dreams are bountiful it
is a divine space it 
is a space of meaning and 
The structures of our experience are windows to the divine.  When we are true to the call of our experiences, to new frontiers,  we are true to ourselves.

My Soul

My soul

Featured image: Rainbow Windows

my soul repairs


prisms of


floating wishes


my soul a tree



my soul hums



my soul lost in




Your Light

Your Light
Featured image: Dreamer
We, us, I, ….a harvest 
of memory, spirits, dreams
within. Keep the light
shining – it protects you.
You are never alone.



 Featured image: Cairns

give us things
indulge our minds.
they make us scream
why oh why
and yes yes yes
between marks
bold and strong
to marks of
of nothing-ness we
are engulfed.
open circles allowing
us to be

Somewhere Out There

Somewhere Out There

Featured image: Space The Last Frontier

Somewhere out there at 
the edges, there is a new 
beginning, new places
to go – new frontiers -new
Embrace This new frontier
From this new frontier realize
It.  Embrace its gifts and
Grow from its inspiration.



Featured image: Crane III

“What’s that? Did you see them?” I asked my passengers as I was driving on a 55mph road as we went by way too quickly?

We were driving through a marshland where there was a low dip in the horizon of yellow green grasses and tamarack pines. It is always so beautiful because it is so different from the rest of the Northwoods landscape. In the fall, the tamarack pines turn a wonderful bright yellow, as do the tall grasses.

“What was that?” I exclaimed again. I added, “We just drove past 3 whooping cranes way too quickly, a mother and her 2 young ones. What is she doing so close to the edge of the road? Not a safe place for babies.” My thought immediately was, “I hope you guys make it.”

Whooping cranes are so elegant in flight. Their wings spread widely with very little flapping, just a simple motion, then a long glide. According to my research the young do not naturally learn to migrate south when the weather turns in the north. Some have tried to tough out the harsh winters of the Northwoods. Many don’t make it which is why they are on the endangered species list.

I wanted to return and put a protective cage around them so they would make it. Isn’t that typical of humans, to put the natural in a cage to save it. What they are really doing when they cage something is killing its natural instincts and changing them.

Will humans learn? Obviously not because there are so few of them now. Such a statement, but honestly so true. There is no letting them learn naturally. Which is better for them to cage them and change their natural instincts or to let nature to run its course?

What a good analogy for the human species in general. If we cage them, how do they ever learn? Just how much should we interfere with the natural course of things? How much should we remove from life to protect it? And, in the end we do just the opposite.


New Growth

New Growth

Featured image: New Beginnings Orchid Shoots

New Beginnings

There can be no new

Growth if we do not remain

open and vulnerable to

what is new Different 

and fresh the excite

ment of the unknown


Ride The Wagon

Ride The Wagon
Featured image: Happy Days

It is easy to latch onto social causes and make them what you think they should be. It is easy to recreate these social causes in your visual work which you call art. It is much harder to find the aesthetics in a day. It is much harder to recreate these.

Aesthetics. There is a difference. Aesthetics are very much what art used to be. Aesthetics are what we are losing in the arts and also in ourselves. It is much easier to latch onto another’s cause and ride the wagon with them.




Featured image: Travelers

I always seem to 
be in a state of mutiny 
against the habitual 
ways of knowing and 
doing.  Art allows me to be 
that way.  To question the
accepted and the normal.
Moving, traveling in uncharted

Synergistic Middle

Synergistic Middle
Featured image: Carnival

My space in the middle is synergistic. It is the synergy of things and unique individual people coming together without the loss of individualism to create something great.




Featured image: Direction

what is the right direction? 
you will know when there is no 
struggle – and there is a fluidity 
that will move you along 
like a flowing river. 
your heart will guide you. 
it is an act of new beginnings.

Rhythm of Light

Rhythym of Light

Featured image: Kaleidoscope of Raw Reality: We are so small - Northern Lights

Synchronizing with 
the light, red boat, me, quiet
the rhythm of light flows
through me, conscious life.

Your Map

Your Map

Featured image: Gatekeepers

Are you using the right map to set the course for your visions?  Your dreams?  

Our visions cloud reality. There are very few if any maps with clouded realities.  Our visions allow us to see and think about something differently.  They allow us to think differently than we have been conditioned, through our histories, how we live, to see and think.  Our visions allow us to create new maps to follow.  

So what is the right map for a vision?  Is there one?  Or do you have to create/imagine a new map?  

If you create a new map, share it with others. Examine it with others.  Talk about it with others and perhaps change your map and create a different one.


New Works


Poetry, Haiku's, Limericks, and Musings

 Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces

Featured image: Engineered Spaces

Are there any empty
spaces, vacant spaces neutral
spaces. Indifferent spaces,
blank spaces? A kind
of space void of energy?
No, no, there are not.



Featured image: Pink Diamonds
How wonderful life 
Is full of peaceful nuggets
Joy being alive

Be Present

Be Present
Featured image: Checkered Pot Red Flowers
What we pay attention
to defines us. How do you 
choose to spend
your days.
Those minutes those
irreplaceable hours and days?
Let life fill you, be 

Early Morning Silence

Early Morning Silence

Featured image: Sunrise In The Morning At The Lake

Early morning silence
I sit here and am present
To the fluidity
Of all things – fluid presence
Is eternal



Featured image: Balance

… life is a tension of opposites


Absence Presence

Absence Presence

Featured image: Which Way

Trees without leaves
a sense of absence in my
Yet presence.


Pine Needles In My Coffee

Pine Needles in My Coffee

Featured image: Leaves

pine needles in my coffee
tumbling leaves
absence yet

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