Christine Alfery

Rainbow Windows

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Rainbow Windows, 30 x 40

Original water media on paper 

Featured image in blog, Tiny Crystals
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“Rainbows After The Storm” was juried into the Midwest Seasons Exhibition at the Center For The Visual Arts in Wausau by judge Kitty Kingston. The exhibition is from Jan 6 – April 1, 2017. Opening Reception is Jan 13 from 5-7pm.

Statement from the Artist: “For over a year now I have been working on a series of works called “The Journey.” My “Ladders and Fences” works are a part of this series. And now windows and rainbow colors are appearing my work. I have to take this idea further before I call it a series but I have now done two pieces with these rainbow windows in them. What do I see – I see light coming through a church window and creating rainbows all around the room. I see a crystal in my window with the sun shining on it. The crystal slowing twists and turns and created rainbows all round my studio – they are magical – absolutely magical – I always stop in wonder and watch them dance around the room. I see the transparent wings of dragonflies, glistening in the sun – rainbow colors in their wings. It is glorious.”