November 4, 2022 Weekly Musings

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 04 2022

November 4, 2022 Weekly Musings


Green Apples Wire Basket Receives Award

Green Apples Wire Basket” received a first place award at the Pittsburgh Watercolor Society's Aqueous 2022 Open International Exhibition at the Stifel Fine Arts Center, Oglebay Institute in Wheeling, West Virginia.


Cairns Receives Award

"Cairns" received a Bronze Award and Medallion from the Montana Watercolor Society's 2022 Awards Exhibition.



The Piano's Spirit

Featured image: The Piano Man's Spirit

Can you hear the people singing?
Singing the songs that people came to hear.
Music is playing, beating drums,
Joyful tambourines, jubilant trumpets and the piano man’s song.


Featured image: Patchwork Landscape

Why would artist Marcel DuChamp enter a urinal turned upside down and sign it “R.Mutt” into a major international art exhibition? Because he wanted to say, no, and shout something. He was concerned about how art was understood, controlled and governed. He was asking, “Is art an object?” He was saying, “No, art is more than that.” He was asking, “Does art have to be authorized as art?” For example, putting an everyday object, a urinal, in a different position in a major art museum?

DuChamp with is urinal “art” gave permission to all artist who followed him to think differently about art. I am one of those artists who has followed DuChamp, traveled his path, chosen to think differently about art all the time, and I am forever grateful for his thinking.


Forget Me Nots


Featured image: Forget Me Nots

Forget me Nots
Tiny, soft gentle
Magnificent colors
intermingled green


It Takes Guts

 Featured image: Kimono

My vision has been for as long as I can remember to become an artist.  When I decided to be an artist I had no idea how hard it would be.  I just thought you could make things and call yourself an artist.  Since then I have learned, like all things, that there are various  types of artists.  For me, I wanted to be the footloose, free spirit kind of artist, ruled by nothing and no one.  I found it doesn’t happen over night and it isn’t easy. You can’t just order up, artist, like you do a happy meal, and ta-da you are an artist.  It takes consistent honest, passion and imagination to live the creative life.  For me, it meant authentically and genuinely exposing myself and my soul openly to others.  And it takes guts.


Poetry, Haikus, Limericks and Musings

Awakened You


 Featured image: The Awakening

let wildness take
you to otherness –awakened
you dance


 Artists Creating

Featured image: Flowers From My Garden

Imagination emerges
from the silence
from the invisible
into words, into
An authentic original unfiltered
Artist creating.


Infinite Freedom

Featured image: Imagination

Imagination creates
Infinite freedom.


Life Unfolding

Featured image: Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Return to essence
allow yourself to be
Fill life with your
sacred space sovereign
Art, living life, 
Life unfolding.


Featured image: Just Because You Are Wonderful

A passionate heart never ages. 



Featured image: Our Connections

Solitude is a very rich time. Solitude is the other connection.  If you don’t relate to the solitude of yourself, you are just using others to shield yourself from yourself. It takes courage to inhabit your own solitude.  But when you do, the time is very rich.


All Creativity

Featured image: The Middle Is Not Grey II

All creativity comes from the spark of opposition.
The place where oppositions meet, in the middle
Is where creativity exists.


 Two Sides

Featured image: In The Beginning

There are always two sides to things:
Light and darkness
Beginning and ending
Inside and outside
Above and below
Masculine and famine
Divine and human
Time and eternity
Soul and sense
Work and silence


Passion Radiates

Featured image: Feel'n Fortunate

passion radiates
immense energy 


Freely Blowing

Featured image: Fields Along The Edge Of The River

like a river
like open air
freely blowing


Your Angle


 Featured image: Sacred Earth

your angle of
vision invites
fresh bright color
open heart
mind, soul


Do You Feel It


Featured image: Charting Pathways

do you feel it
do you see it
it is a light
that radiates
within outwardly

Let It Be

Featured image: Travelers

there is a way of knowing
not mechanical
not taught
but flowing
within us
we just need to
let it emerge


Featured image: The Strings We Attach To Things

Intuitive: using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.

Is your art, your life, intuitive? 


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