It Takes Guts

Christine Alfery

Posted on November 03 2022

It Takes Guts

 Featured image: Kimono

My vision has been for as long as I can remember to become an artist.  When I decided to be an artist I had no idea how hard it would be.  I just thought you could make things and call yourself an artist.  Since then I have learned, like all things, that there are various  types of artists.  For me, I wanted to be the footloose, free spirit kind of artist, ruled by nothing and no one.  I found it doesn’t happen over night and it isn’t easy. You can’t just order up, artist, like you do a happy meal, and ta-da you are an artist.  It takes consistent honest, passion and imagination to live the creative life.  For me, it meant authentically and genuinely exposing myself and my soul openly to others.  And it takes guts.

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