Blog: Happy Meals and Art

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 03 2019

Blog: Happy Meals and Art

Featured image: Flowers From My Garden - Purple

Has anyone noticed in this fast-paced society we live in that we rarely dine anymore and when we do it is usually rushed? We no longer linger over an exquisite glass of wine and savor the delicate flavors of a freshly prepared salad. Entrees are presented with flare, a mustard squiggle across a plate and a marvelous presentation of some specially prepared meat comes to your table. It is bite sized enough to enjoy perhaps 4 bites before you are full because you chew slowly enjoying every ounce of flavor that comes from the meat. 

Art should be like that. Art has become a McDonalds Happy Meal. We grab something that works, over the sofa, is the right size and color and say the room is finished. The room the artwork goes in has about as much flavor as a stale piece of bread or is a greasy as a McDonalds Happy Meal with fries. And the work and its personality stay with us just about as long as a happy meal and it’s toy does. Neither last long neither are savored enjoyed forever ounce of flavor.

It is time to think about what you put into your living environment – does it have personality like you, or is it merely a happy meal that never has any flavor to speak of.

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