Blog: The Aesthetic Sense

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 26 2019

Flowers From My Garden - Purple by Christine Alfery

Featured image: Flowers From My Garden - Purple

The Aesthetic Sense

Sun playing in the


Motley light

Vibrant morsels

Golden white


Diamonds nestle floating between

the leaves

Radiant gushing life

The day begins


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Artists and Their Senses

Some artists should be explorers, a questers, searching for the unknown, the unseen. Artists should be sentient beings and allow their sentient being to explode.  To share the textures of life and not allow her senses to fade into a puritanical routine that has no life.

Individual, subjective senses of an artist become objectified when they create something.  If this aesthetic can be experienced by another what a glorious thing the artist has shared; not only their own sense of self, of soul, but also explodes another sense of being and self.

Artists should create works of art to enhance gorgeous senses and to add to another’s sense of the world.

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