Blog: Creative Contraptions

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 11 2019

Flying Circus by Christine Alfery

 Featured image: Flying Circus

It seems to me that the question “what is art?” isn’t the question to ask any more. Instead perhaps the question should be “what is art about?” My guess is that the answer to this question will be interesting and very different from individual to individual. Why, because the answers we have for what is all about for the most part can only be subjective. This subjectivity is what my work is all about. How do I understand subjectivity? I understand subjectivity through the concepts of the individual and the concept of freedom. Both are hard to define. But both for me focus on how the individual fights for their freedom, is how they fight creatively unique, and original. Creativity makes room for an individual’s uniqueness. Creativity allows the individual to shine. Creativity is not a collective thought, nor is its subjectivity driven by and held together by labels.

These two concepts, freedom and individuality are tucked within in my work “Creative Contraptions.” There are no two identical ways this work can be viewed. There is no right or wrong when viewing this work nor were their right and wrong when I was creating this work. There is only the imaginative, creative mind working here. A mind that was as open as a child’s, playing with colorful building blocks or choosing colors from a box of crayons filled with possibilities.. This contraption has gears that grind and move. This contraption has ladders and pathways to climb, or to escape on. This contraption has ramps to slide on, wheels that rotate and travel a journey with. This contraption has strings and wires to pull on. This “Creative Contraption” is filled it my individuality as well as yours the viewers individuality. Both are unique and one of a kind. It allows for the artist in everyone to shine and flourish.

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