Blog: Art Books

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 09 2019

Blog: Art Books

 Featured image: Starry Night

Recently I have been going through my art books and getting rid of some.  Some are classics in the art area and others are ones that I have been published in or that I have published myself.  I will be giving these books to our local charity, St. Matthias so if anyone is interested in them they can go down there and contribute to a worthy cause.

Anyway I was going through the books and one I was published in had a couple of interesting statements I wrote.  It is funny how things change but then again they never change.

The book was titled “Incite 2: Color Passions.” Published in 2014.

It is a Northern Lights book and competition.  So I chose some really colorful works to enter.  One was “Starry Nite”  which I have posted with this post and the other was “Red Tulips”  which most of you are familiar with.

I wrote: “To fine the song and dance within a work of art, one must sing and dance with the artist and the art.  The artist is the medium.

I am an abstract expressionist, my medium is me and my movement, my dance as I create.  The paint, the crayons, the pencils, the brushes are not the medium – I am.  In Starry Nite and Red Tulips I danced and sang red.”

I wrote for Red Tulips: “To create art, an artist must have courage to search and embrace and create in the mysterious space that lies deeply between the notions of chaos and order.  Art that exist on the surface, no matter how well done and ordered, is just a thing.  Art that exists in the mysterious space between chaos and order is art that sings and dances.”

I guess I haven’t changed much in my quest to keep the concept of art a “thing in itself.”  Just have discussed the concept of art in many different ways but always, always trying to keep it precious.

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