Spoke in the Wheel

Christine Alfery

Posted on February 26 2022

Spoke in the Wheel

Featured image: Engineered Landscape, Water media on paper, 30 x 40


As artists we are part of the whole. We are spokes in the wheel on a bicycle. 

The wheel needs the spokes, the bike needs the wheel. Without the bicycle we cannot ride the bike – we will never feel the freedom of the wind in our hair. 


 No Hands by Christine Alfery (2011)

How the whole survives depends on every part – including the spokes. I know from my own experience - I am one of those spokes. With each work, I seek a creation that is one in a million. As a part of the bicycle I add to the beauty of the ride.  

Magic Carpet Ride by Christine Alfery (2016)

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