Christine Alfery

Magic Carpet Ride

Magic Carpet Ride, 40 x 30

Original water media on paper - Sold

Also known as "Bridge" and "Have You Ever Tried to Capture Bubbles"


Juried National Exhibition. “Reaching Out.”  TRAHC 31st Annual.  Texarkana Regional Arts and Humanities Council.  Texarkana, TX

 “Magic Carpet” was accepted into the “Women’s Works” National Exhibition which is held in the Old Court House in Woodstock, IL.

My work “Magic Carpet” was just juried into 2016 Watercolor USA a national exhibition in the Springfield Art Museum. Lynne Warren was the juror and she is also the curator of the museum.

Artist statement:

The story behind this work which is a part of the “Ladders and Fences” series – I am riding a magic carpet – see my hair blowing in the wind. I am free and I am enjoying the wind in my face and the sheer joy of flying on a magic carpet. A magic carpet can be anything, life, a dream, a hope, a wish anything. It’s the ride that thrills us. Again the journey. I wrote a poem for this work and it is in my book which includes all the works in this series.

“Magical Moments”

warm soft yellow light
floods the room
windows shadow
stretched across the floor

crystals catching the
making rainbows
swirl around her

she sat in the
warm yellow room
on her carpet

watching   allowing
rainbow colors

to weave
through her
and flow from


– Christine Alfery