Blog: Seeds

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 15 2021

Blog: Seeds

Featured image: The Seeds an Artist Sows

You, as an artist, are like a garden. The seeds in your artist's garden are not like any other.  Your seeds are different.  Because of this, you plant different seeds.  The spark in you, becomes the spark in another. It becomes the light that becomes alive in another, awakened. Your soul is yours, find it, share it.  

When another shares some of their seeds with you to plant in your garden, make sure you plant them in black soil that is rich, fertile so your seeds and theirs can crack and become something that spills forth that is different. It, too, should be shared. 

The seeds that an artist plants should be part of a mystique and filled with inspiration that spill forth and open as something new.


The Seed That Must Crack
The seed that is to grow
Must love itself as seed;
And they that creep
May graduate through chrysalis to wings.
Wilt thou then, O mortal,
Clink to husks which
Falsely see to you
The self?
-Wu Ming Fu

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