Authentic And Unique

Christine Alfery

Posted on February 22 2022

Authentic And Unique

Featured image: Flying Fish

Should an artist goal to be to create something totally unique or something authentic?

I have always say that self and soul, are unique one-of-a-kind things – but is that the only thing about ourselves and our souls?

The concept of unique refers to being one-of-a-kind. There is nothing like it. Something, the self or soul, or an art object can be unique just by adding the color red in a different and unique place. But that isn’t self or soul or art. The shock of the new uniqueness, has been theorized and debated for some time as an art object. The artist Mapplethorpe became famous for the shock of the new.

Galleries and museums jumped on such an easy qualifier of an object being art. In general, the shock of the new has been panned by many as just a marketing tool to drive business.

But link the concept of unique to the concept of authentic and it becomes more difficult to define self, soul, and objects as art. The word authentic is defined as an object having an undisputed origin and that it is genuine. The concept authentic means you are being true to your own self and soul, your own values and spirit. The concept authentic means you are honest with yourself and with others, and that you take responsibility for yourself and your mistakes.

So perhaps an artist’s goal should be unique but also authentic.

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