The Mind Is Flexible

Christine Alfery

Posted on February 21 2022

The Mind Is Flexible

Featured image: Marble Game

Did you know that the mind, your brain, is very flexible? And that the brain can grow in size by increasing the number of its neurons. And much of this expansive performance, is stimulated by repetitive tasks? (Joseph LeDoux, Synaptic Self: How the Modern Age is Rewriting Your Mind (London:Rhode, 2003).13.

So the old wives' tale that age is to blame for memory problems really isn’t true! Hummm. We can grow our brains according to research at any age. I like that thought. And it can happen through repetitive tasks. Hummm. Then my theory associated with my painting “The Marble Game” really doesn’t hold true. I said that one should find one's self not by following the next marble ahead of you – but by setting out and finding your own path.

Actually, my theory associated with my painting “The Marble Game” and the theory that the brain can grow and expand through repetitive tasks are both true. As a children, we are developing our minds, growing them and expanding them through repetitive tasks. As an older adult we are also growing and expanding our minds through repetitive tasks. It is only when you
expand and enhancing your skill capacity can you discover and create as an artist or as an individual. So go ahead do repetitive tasks but grow, expand, discover and move on, stop following the same leader – find another – perhaps yourself, at any age. Knowledge and creativity take on new meaning then and we change.




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