Aesthetic Moment: Fox

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 27 2021

Aesthetic Moment: Fox

It's chilly this morning. The sky is grey. No greeting from the morning sun. Hummers buzzing overhead. I am beginning to recognize some of them by their coloring, which is always a delight. It’s like having your children visit and calling them by name.

I had another visitor this morning. There are several foxes in our woods. There, too, I am beginning to recognize their differences by their fur coloring. One of them has red fur with black stockings and a white tip at the end of its tail. Another is sort of splotchy coloring and very different from the one that has mixed black, red, golden and white fur. Today I found out this latter one is a "she" as it had a tiny baby pup trying to keep up with her. As I watched, not wanting them to leave but seeing they were going to anyway, I noticed the baby took 4 steps to the mama’s one. What an absolute delight this morning – I am still smiling. Still smiling.

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