Blog: Red Dress - Portrait Of My Soul

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 26 2021

Blog: Red Dress - Portrait Of My Soul

Featured image: Red Dress

If the artists self/soul is starved, then the artist will find it impossible to call up any kind of deep and joyous song. The soul/self needs to be found and developed. It needs to be fed. Your soul/self is a very unique independent personal thing. It exists, but not through another, only through exploration of your own personal values and needs. If an artist does not take the time to do this, then their soul/self will be starved and their work will be starved.

Red Dress is about me and my soul. Red is my favorite color. So I painted a figure in a red dress. I cant tell you how many people told me stories about a red dress that they used to wear and the memories that it had for them. I was so glad to see that the work became real, authentic, and joyous like my soul and the spirits of so many others. I was so glad that my painting not only fed my soul but the souls of others. It was a bonus for me and for them. Thats how it is supposed to work.

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