Christine Alfery

What Lies Beneath

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What Lies Beneath, 40 x 30
Original unique water media on paper
Giclee print on paper

Featured image in blog, What Lies Beneath - Illusions
Featured image in blog, Artist's Reality


Second Place, 12th Annual Signature American International Watermedia Exhibition, Fallbrook Art Center, Fallbrook, CA 

Illusions Series:

I see the natural, nature, as something that is real.  This series is all about what lies beneath realities.  I simple example are the roots of a tree.  My paintings are full of illusions, and the layers that lie beneath the layers, that lie beneath the layers of paint.  The final surface of the work is it’s reality and many times this reality is something objective like a feather or a key or a chair, but what lies beneath the surface has many other stories that helped make the chair a chair or the key a key and a feather a feather. 

Life is filled with these many layers and many of these layers are never seen or visible.  The very first work that I did for this series I titled, “What Lies Beneath.”  There is the obvious a feather and a key, but what lies beneath those objects that appear in the last layer, those objects did not emerge until the very end of the work.  The bottom half of the work has a veiled layer of color that hides the structures underneath – sort of like water over rocks or wind in the trees.  My exploration of lights and darks are so evident in this work. The possibilities for the series were endless.  Stillness, movement, soft line, hard line. 

As I think of the possibility of creating another work for this series, I am over whelmed – as creating illusions is challenging.  Perhaps the series will be a series of one.  Time will tell.