Blog: What Lies Beneath - Illusions

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 07 2020

Blog: What Lies Beneath - Illusions
Featured image: What Lies Beneath
My paintings are full of illusions. Layers lie beneath the layers that lie beneath the layers of paint. The final surface of the work is its reality. This work is all about what lies beneath realities.
Sometimes you can clearly see something subjective in my work – in this work you can see a feather and a key – however what lies beneath the surface are the other stories that helped make that reality. Life is filled with these many layers – and many of these layers are never seen. 
In this work, what lies beneath the key and the feather appear in the last layer. Those objects did not emerge until the very end of the work. The bottom half of the painting has a veiled layer of color that hides the structures underneath – sort of like water over rocks or wind in the trees. 
Detail from What Lies Beneath
My exploration of lights and darks are so evident in this work. The chance that this work will become a series is strong. Exploring stillness, movement, soft line, hard line – trying to create illusions. The possibilities are endless and overwhelming. Time will tell. 

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