Christine Alfery

The Magic of Fireflies

The Magic of Fireflies, 20 x 60
Original water media on paper - Sold


Featured image in blog, Kaleidoscopic Colors

Author statement:

can i be excused?
she asks
not waiting for a reply
scampering off
grabbing a mason jar
on the way
in the backyard
girlfriends already gathered
with precious mason jars
hours of giggles
and laughter
i got one she says as
magical tiny lights appear
day light quietly slips away
mother calls from the screen door
time for bed

aww they shout in chorus
slowly friends part
mason jars filled with
fireflies lighting
their way

older now
i remember those
twilight hours
with delight
and the magic of
natures flashlight

playing with girlfriends
in the backyard.