Blog: Kaleidoscopic Colors

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 15 2020

Blog: Kaleidoscopic Colors

Featured painting: The Magic of Fireflies


One cannot be an individual if not standing independently from a group. Independence cannot exist without the social element of a community. As artists, we may stand as unique, but we are still a part of something bigger. 


Each of us in society is like a different color. When we recognize and value of each individual, our society, our community, becomes a kaleidoscope of color. Balance – not dominance. A beautiful presentation of all colors – not one color or the other. It is not I am right and you are wrong. It is all about balance. 


This beautiful dance of color, balancing and re-balancing, this is why art has never been clearly defined. The concept of art changes with time, and re-balances itself after it has learned what does or does not work for the artist. Art remains free, unique, and independent. 

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