Christine Alfery

Flying Circus

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Flying Circus, 40 x 30
Giclee print on paper available
Original water media on paper - Sold
Featured image in blog, Creative Contraptions

Featured image in blog, Imagination Feeds The Soul


"Flying Circus" Online Juried Exhibition.  Reflections 20/20. The Artists Guild, Palm Springs California.

Honorary Signature Membership Award. "Alone On a Cliff," The Beat Goes On" and "Flying  Circus." Texas Watercolor Society.

Juror Jed Perl accepted  “Flying Circus” for the  2018 Texas National Exhibition.  The juror received over 1,000 entries and accepted only 65 into the exhibition.

“Flying Circus” was accepted into the Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery on line exhibition “Abstraction: Theoretical, Conceptual & Intellectual”

Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery Award of Merit

Juror’s Notes:

Things I look for in artwork are the effective utilization of the Elements and Principles of Design, Technique, and a message that speaks to the viewer. The idea of a “message” transcends method, media, and technique. For each person this idea of a message is different but unilaterally there for all people viewing the image. It should continue to “talk” beyond the first viewing and cause one to want to continue viewing the image over and over.

Artist Statement:

“Flying Circus” is so far removed from what I have been doing. I have been searching for a new way to say things and in January 2018 Flying Circus emerged.  I love the discovery, the research, the struggle of working out new and different medias I could never settle into something.