Christine Alfery

Creative Contraptions

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Creative Contraptions, 50 x 60
Unique water media painting on canvas - Sold
Also known as "Conception" and "Designing Thoughts or I have No Idea What She is Thinking" and "Her Song" and "Creative Thoughts"
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Featured image in blog: Covid Positives

Featured image in blog: Minimalism and Maximalism

All canvas artwork is sold unstretched.  Christine can stretch the work for you and ship it, but she warns shipping large original artwork can be expensive and must ship via freight.  If you want Christine to send the original artwork stretched please contact her at  for an approx. quote.  


Juried Regional Exhibition. “Creative Contraptions.” Confluence of Art. Pablo Center. Eau Claire, WI.

Juror Michael Bailey has selected “Creative Contraptions”  into the Mid-Southern Watercolorists 49th Annual Exhibition at the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock.

Creative Contraptions was recently selected for inclusion in the 32nd Annual Northern National Art Competition.

The judge for this competition is Scott Stulen, Director/President of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Philbrook Museum of Art. Scott chose 90 works of art from nearly 350 submissions – and those who were involved remarked on how difficult narrowing down those selections were, as all of the art submissions were ‘absolutely stellar!’

One In A Million Series
Gears Series:

Christine Alfery’s current series “Gears” has gone by many names. For this artist, the process of exploring a concept usually takes precedence over the final result.
Much like her paintings, layer upon layer has been added - each layer adding depth and texture to the initial idea. As she explains, "I just let the work travel and become something else that is just as wonderful. I let the work become what it wants to become not what I want it to become."

In this series, Alfery explored the apparent dichotomy of natural creation versus man-made design. The artist discovered these forces are two sides of the same coin – you cannot have one without the other. The key is balance, and this is found in creativity.

To learn more the Gears series, CLICK HERE