Blog: Covid Positives

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 27 2020

Blog: Covid Positives
Featured image: Creative Contraptions

Covid has changed the world. It has changed me. Has it changed you?

Covid has changed what I used to think was important. With this new perspective I find it remarkable what used to occupy my time and my mind. Now those things don’t seem so important anymore. The power and the time those things occupied are once again mine.

I think about how I use to get my nails done once a week. I realize now that I was giving up my time making small talk for something that produced nothing aesthetic, nothing creative, nothing new to my world. Now that time belongs to my studio, belongs to my artwork and I’m loving it. Now that time is aesthetic, creative, new. Covid has set my priorities straight. I am no longer giving power to the controlled design of the world, rather I am giving that power, that time, to the beauty of the natural.

I think of how this new perspective relates to my recent series – control design versus the natural. Both exist, and balance is the key, but sometimes it feels like a struggle – a battle for the self, for the soul, for our spirits. 

I reflect back on how much time and power I gave trying to identify who I am, who I was. How much time and power were spent trying to create that self.

Think about all the things that we brand ourselves with, to outwardly express ourselves to the world – tattoos, charm bracelets, clothes, shoes, nails, hair – the list is endless. I’m beginning to realize that I don’t have to wear red – as long as I know that I have the power of red inside me. If I know I have the power of red, and I savor my redness, I can be the individual I am. I no longer need to battle, I no longer need to shout it to the world. I think perhaps that is an old paradigm. Perhaps Covid has taking care of that like it has taken care of my nails.

With this new time,

this new power within,

I create.

I imagine.

I am an artist, a work of art, unique and one of a kind. 

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