Blog: Fresh Flowers From The Garden

Christine Alfery

Posted on May 16 2020

The Wheels Keep Turning by Christine Alfery

My painting “Fresh Flowers From The Garden” was accepted in the juried Illinois Watercolor Society National Show 2020 and has been awarded the Creative Spirit Award. This national exhibition, like all the other national exhibitions all over the country  have done since the shut down, is online.  A very different path for all of the arts – but it does set a different path that the arts can take to all to see original one of a kind works online.  For example, the Best of Show in the Illinois National Exhibition is outstanding – just outstanding and I am so honored to be showing my work that has creative spirit with Dongfeng Li.  Please follow this link to view this beautiful online exhibition.  

Having received this award, I find I am asking myself – just what is creative spirit?  For now I see it as; art is for the creative spirit, art is about the creative spirit, without creativity there is no art. Creativity in art accounts for learning through adapting and changing environments and conditions and responding to new conditions and responding to new challenges, learning from our mistakes and growing as an artist and as a human being.  So out of the many awards I have received, this one really made me think and I am honored to have received it, simply honored.

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