Alfery featured on Wisconsin Public Radio

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 28 2020

Christine in studio

Wisconsin Public Radios's Jim Skibo recently featured a piece about how the COVID-19 restrictions have changed art and the way it is sold. He interviewed Christine Alfery and another artist for their perspective.


WXPR interviews Christine Alfery


The topic is not new to Alfery who has worked hard to adapt to the changes that have happened, not only this year, but since she began creating art professionally over 50 years ago.

As a result of the pandemic, Alfery has found new ways to reach out to her collectors, including a series of videos where she explains individual works of art - much like she does when a collector visits her studio or one of the large live exhibitions where she has been featured in the past.

She often writes in her blogs about the changing art market, how her perspective has changed over the years, and how the outside influence of the world affects her creativity.

To learn more about Christine Alfery, see her collection, follow her blogs, or see her newest videos, you can find her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or on her website:

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