Aesthetic Moment: Fall brings changes to Wisconsin Northwoods

Christine Alfery

Posted on September 28 2020

Fall brings changes to Wisconsin Northwoods Blog photo

Two foxes, yes TWO foxes in the woods this morning.  Beautiful.  Just beautiful.

In the sky, a gaggle of geese flying south – perfect V shape. A hawk searching for food. Two crows on the top of some dead treetop – their deep black vivid against the grey sky.

The hummers have gone and the birds at the feeder are all changing.  More chickadees and brown finches, occasionally, a yellow finch comes along. The woodpeckers and blue jays are returning. Not sure I want to feed the doves all winter. They take over the feeders.

Arctic loons are in the lake.  Just stopping briefly before traveling on.

Golden leaves and golden pine needles cover the ground.  Leaves all changing to rusts, ochres, yellows.  Fall came quickly this year.  And it seems to be passing quickly.  Soon I will be able to see through the woods to the other side of the peninsula. 

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