Blog: Your reach should go beyond what you can grasp

Christine Alfery

Posted on January 12 2018

Flying Circus by Christine Alfery

Love this quote don’t know where it is from –

“Your reach should go beyond what you can grasp.”

It goes wonderfully with this new piece – which is part of my Willy Wonka Series – of machines and gadgets. Right now I am calling this piece “Flying Circus.” Been working on it since the tour this fall. When people ask me how long did that take you to create – I never know what to say now you can see why. One works on it – walks away – works on it – walks away – changes it – works on it and finally when you walk away and say it’s done – it’s then done.

Anyway I love the reach of this piece, technically behond what I have done in the past but have definitely working up to something like this for some time with the Willy Wonka works. It is definitely beyond my grasp. Any other suggestions for a title?

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