Blog: Trust Your Failures

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 28 2021

Blog: Trust Your Failures

Featured image: Birthday Cake

Creating art is like baking a cake.  You can bake a cake by following the rules and measuring all the ingredients carefully, mixing them together in the outlined steps. And then, baking the cake at the  temperature.

Or creating art can be like baking a cake; a handful of this, a pinch of that, one egg or two, a bit of water or milk, mix and bake. 

I prefer the latter way of not only making art, but also of baking a cake. Some of my cakes don’t turn out. A lot of my art doesn’t turn out, but the process is absolutely glorious and amazing. The learning and the exploring and the discovery of self is so precious.  Don’t let the idea of failure overwhelm you, trust your failure and move on from it. 

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