Fox II

Christine Alfery

Posted on August 27 2021

Fox II

Featured image: Fox II

My goal this past week has been to teach myself to do watercolor washes again. It has been hard. Some of my pieces are great and worked out while others I found myself reverting back to a way of painting that I was comfortable with.

Part of my process to teach myself is to research and remind myself how others have done washes in watercolor. To research tutorials, and YouTube videos and actually trying to copy what another is trying to teach. I am learning a lot. But, I don't feel comfortable yet creating a large watercolor wash so I am going to stick with doing my smalls and while I continue to learn.

When an artist views another’s work to learn from it, it is no different from an academic writer reading the papers of other authors who confirm the writer's thinking or challenge the writer's thinking. Writers frequently put footnotes in their papers to acknowledge another writer's thinking and process. It is no different with a visual artist. So, in this case with "Fox II," I acknowledge the work of painter, Dean Crouser, in this piece. I learned a great deal with the colors and the washes and that was wonderful. So this footnote goes with the Fox.

Fox – Ode to Dean Crouser

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