Blog: Trends and the Individual Self

Christine Alfery

Posted on March 22 2018

Afloat by Christine Alfery

 Featured image: Afloat

Thinking about creating a video – something arty – so started building my foundation to do that. I began looking at arty videos – I found a really neat thing to do while not in the drivers seat traveling through the long states of Florida, Alabama and Illinois. Came across one that is sticking in my head. It was talking about creating individuality – and the “art” of an “individuals” make up. The colors in the video were great – some of the ideas in the video were great – but individual nope. There is nothing that will emphasis the unique, wonderful beautiful, authentic self-other than the self themselves. If everyone puts on make-up all make up looks the same and it becomes trendy sort of like tattoos are supposed to emphasis the individual personality. Or for my generation, charm bracelets, do you know how many different ways there are to make a charm bracelet, too many too count.

The authentic, unique individual self is not created by a trend – just like authentic, unique, one of a kind art works are not created by a trend. The self of the artist – can only appear in the work if the artist knows themselves and that doesn’t happen with trends.

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