Blog: The Little Boy in a Green Shirt

Christine Alfery

Posted on March 19 2018

Blog: The Little Boy in a Green Shirt

Featured image: Telling the Story

I watched a little boy in a green shirt run as fast as he could to the gate that opened to the board walk. He already knew how to unlock the white metal gate that descended to freedom. Running down the boardwalk the little green shirt went and as soon as the feet of the little boy could go hit the sand the arms of the little green shirt stretched out and the little boy began to twirl in circles running as he twirled. How long has it been since I have felt that free? I listen to the waves of the ocean, the horizon is dense as there is fog in the air. I close my eye and listen to the beauty of the waves, their song sings to my heart and I twirl like the little boy – arms fully outstretched – welcoming – surrendering to the wonder.

He took his little sisters hands, and shared the wonder with her. He ran and twirled to the water, slowing dipping their toes in testing, testing, is it cold. They splashed, and played for a long time. Still twirling and they dared to go even further into cool water. It’s that daring, the no fear attitude of lets try it, it’s the struggle of saying to yourself, and only yourself, do I like this – should I go further. It’s that question, allowing yourself that question, and that wonder, that freedom to be able that happens every time I stand thinking about where to begin. What will I discover, how will I react, will I truly be one with the canvas, like the little boy was with the sand and the water?
That is what painting is for me – I can always have the experience of the little boy in the green shirt every time I begin something new. I can’t always have the water and the waves screaming and yelling, I move and I am free.

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