Blog: Tiny, Tiny Hummer

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 03 2021

Blog: Tiny, Tiny Hummer

Featured image: All Dressed Up Hummer

A tiny, tiny, hummer was perched on the very tip of a branch on a pine tree in the middle of the yard. I would not have noticed her but she moved her wings suddenly and a silvery blur caught my eye. She was shaking off the rain drops. Caught in the moment, we were silent and still for what seemed like a long time just staring at each other. Suddenly she took off quickly, not like a dove, more like the road runner as she dive bombs my head and lands on the hummingbird feeder above my head.

She landed on the back side of the feeder. I knew she is there because there were small ripples in the hummingbird liquid. Otherwise, I would have had no clue.
Again, she dive bombed my head and landed in the same pine tree. I think she has a nest there as I have seen her there coming and going often. The tree is perfect, it provides cover as it is very full like a perfect Christmas tree.

Over to the Black-Eyed Susan’s in the garden. Chip-ies scurry about underneath the plants in the flower garden while chickadees, finches and nuthatches fly back and forth from the feeder to the perfect Christmas tree. This tree seems to house and shelter many critters from the woods. I just watched a squirrel scurry past the lawn to under the same tree and bury a double acorn beneath the trees skirt. What is it about this process? It always seems so futile since they never seem to come back for their buried treasures. Plus, it is one of the first signs of fall.

I have decided that this tree needs a name because it houses and shelters so many. She is planted along with a large white pine and blue spruce. She is the “mother tree” in a trio of beauty and life.

All this over coffee this morning.

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