Blog: I Know The Rules

Christine Alfery

Posted on October 02 2021

Blog: I Know The Rules

Featured image: Fox III 

I know the rules.

I use them to change.

What I know about life and about art is mainly that it takes the individual to think, to use their knowledge, use reason, and to use their freedom to keep art alive, and to be able to create. Individuals then use this knowledge, reason, and freedom to share and to work with others. Without the independence of the individual an artist is just one of the many sheep in the herd.

Freedom is the fundamental requirement for an artist. Art and the individual should never be asked to surrender to another’s control, another’s knowledge, another’s truth or another’s opinion. If that happens, then art and the silenced individual are imprisoned and yes, destroyed.

To think every day means that you learn, not only about yourself but also about others and life. Thinking puts everything in motion and allows change to happen.
Thinking is a very complex process. When you think you identify, you integrate, you imagine. Only you can think for yourself and only you can learn for yourself. You can learn from another, but you need to think for yourself. You can discover from one another and set things in motion.

The concept of the individual and independence; like the concepts of artist and art, is disappearing. We are losing our innovators, our creators. This is why I was so excited when Jeff Bezos and the Blue Origin Crew, and Richard Branson and the Virgin Galactic crew went into space opening a new door for space exploration. It took a team on both flights and an unlimited open space to explore and discover, to make both flights happen. It was from the work and the integrity of each of the minds on both teams, the innovators, to make the flights happen.  It wasn't just some rich guy looking for glory - it was an entrepreneur, a creative being given the opportunity to create movement for individuals in space travel. It is from creators and innovators like them that move us forward and not back. They would never dream of being part of the grey matter that some call the middle.

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