The Power of Freedom Part II

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 30 2022

The Power of Freedom Part II

Featured image: Little Yellow Bird

The power of individualism, uniqueness and authenticity relies on freedom. Is freedom just the absence of external pressure or is it the power that lies within our uniqueness and individuality. I say the power of freedom lies within the power of the individual and the individual’s uniqueness and authenticity.

Is freedom the presence of something? If so, what is that something? Can freedom be found within our culture and with the morals of our society? Can freedom be found within the morals of individuals and their respect for one another’s uniqueness and individuality.

In thinking about the concept of freedom and how important it is to me, I ask myself, “Why is it that so many within our culture and society submit their powers to another?” Why do they submit themselves to public opinion? What is the attraction of submission? Is it freedom to not be or to be mindless? I have come to believe that those who submit to not think – they believe it is easier for others to think for them, and all they have to do is just go along with the majority. They know that it is harder to be independent, because it takes a lot of work. Sometimes it is scary work being yourself.

It takes a lot of work to be unique, one-of-a-kind and authentic, just like it takes a lot of work for a piece of art to be unique, one of a kind and authentic. For me the work is worth it.

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