Freedom and Illusion Part I

Christine Alfery

Posted on June 29 2022

Freedom and Illusion Part I

Featured image: Grosbeak

Freedom, is it an illusion?

Does freedom really exist? Does freedom exist within your own personal attitude about yourself? Does freedom exist within the institutions, schools, churches, businesses and in our art? Or have we as unique individuals lost our concept of what freedom really is?

Given the disciplines and uniformity of our culture or our society, and given the cry for all of us to unite into for one cause, which in the end excludes the “other,” I believe we are losing our understanding of what freedom really is. Because we are losing our understanding of what freedom really is, we have become dependent on others to tell us what it is. By others telling us what freedom is, we have lost our freedom and we have become robots, unable to think, create and imagine for ourselves.

Personally, I choose to be an artist because of the freedom art offers me. Now, I am concerned for art – deeply concerned that art is becoming but another thing that has given its power to authoritarian leadership that doesn’t consider uniqueness and one-of-a-kindness as important.


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