Blog: The Marble Game

Christine Alfery

Posted on April 16 2018

Blog: The Marble Game

Featured image: Marble Game- Chasing the Wind

I have picked up the pieces of the often repeated painted concept of motion, movement, and tried to see them anew, fresh, filled with a new way for life to continue, in perpetual motion, in the circle of life, and put them in my work called “The Marble Game.” As a child I used to have a toy where I would put a marble in at the top of a trough and then watch the marble zig zag it’s way down the trough and land in the dish at the bottom of the toy.  I could repeat this motion over and over, putting one marble, two marbles a dozen marbles down watching them all move in delightful motion.  Who knows what kept me interested in this game, but there was something.  That interest is what the creative in me as an adult tried to capture in this work.

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