Blog: The Judge

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 21 2021

Blog: The Judge

Featured image: The Judge

I am sure that you've heard this saying before, "We are a country of laws." And I know I personally have said before that I'm one who doesn’t react well to coloring in the lines or following the rules when it comes to art. So, does that mean I don’t like following the laws? Absolutely not. So how does this work in a creative person like me?

Simple – why can’t there be both – as long as what I do harms no other? And I follow the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." I think there can be both. But, when rules and laws are made that unnecessarily control my unique individual freedom then I seem to get in a tither. So how are the rules enforced? How are we governed?

How many times have your heard someone say, "I am not judging you?" But…… It is like saying the act of judging is bad when it really isn’t. Judging is necessary, otherwise the value of things would have not value. And I personally believe that value is important. Is it really possible for us not to judge? I don’t believe so because we have things we believe in and live for. And, they are different from others who also have things that they personally believe in and live for. The key is to respect the difference. We can’t judge for others. That is their job. However, we can judge for ourselves and if we choose not to judge then ….. well we choose not to think.

We always need choice. Personal choice. We need to think to be able to choose for our unique selves. And we need to be able to critically judge differences.

To be able to judge difference – to be able to understand difference, you need to think about what you as an individual value.

For me, I always look for, authenticity when I judge something.

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