Blog: The difference Between An Authentic Work Of Art And Wall Décor

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 22 2021

Blog: The difference Between An Authentic Work Of Art And Wall Décor

Featured image: Green Apples Wire Basket

The difference between an authentic work of art and wall décor that matches your sofa is the artist. Authentic artists regard their work as a constant progress and a constant upward motion from one achievement to another, a higher one, driven by the constant expansion of their mind, their knowledge, their ability and their creative ingenuity. The authentic artist never stagnates on any level.

The producer of wall décor goes through the least amount of motions possible to just get their job done.

It makes no difference if the authentic artist is highly educated or not. Why? Because the authentic artist is not limited by their education. Rather, the authentic artist becomes just that by their own efforts and their unique spirit. There are overly educated folks who are called artists because the markets decide that they are. They produce work that is popular, fills popular roles like matching the couch, or appeals to those who have a particular view on some political issue. Some of them believe that they have a soul and spirit that speaks for itself, but it really doesn’t. They are merely parasites posturing on popular issues because their abilities as an artist are not authentic.

For me, it is not the degree of an artist’s ability that appears to make what they produce to be about the popular or shocking or current, but it is how they put this ability to use. Is it creative? Does it involve their imagination or original/authentic ideas and how to present those ideas? Or, does it simply produce the ideas of others?

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