Blog: The Experience of Art

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 20 2019

Moving Contraption/The Juggler on a Bike on a Tightwire
Featured image: Going Home II


The viewer of an art object does not need to know the intentions of the artist when looking at “art.” The viewer doesn’t need to know the artists intent. The experience of viewing and creating is a private experience of a thing. If one lets it happen and doesn’t get bogged down with what it should be it can be very natural and wonderful. To experience something naturally is a very difficult thing.

Make no mistake in thinking that the artist intent will be missing if the viewer doesn’t know it. The artists hand should always be in the work. The value of the “art” work lies in the artist being present in the work. Otherwise a want-to-be object can be anything and everything thus making art nothing.

Not only is the experience for the viewer unique, the creator is unique and the object is unique.

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