Blog: Aesthetic Experience

Christine Alfery

Posted on July 19 2019

Alone on a CLiff, 20x60 watercolor and acrylic on paper
Featured image: Alone on a Cliff


Wonderful aesthetic experience this morning. Sitting in my Adirondack chair in the back yard as I do every morning when drinking my first cup of coffee listening to the silence looking into the woods deep. A fledgling robin landed on the grass. Spots still on her not yet bright orange red breast. Suddenly, she flew off, startled. Baby fox came into the playground, fur mottled shedding, tail not quite as full as her mothers, fur not yet as lush and wonderfully orange red. For at least 10 minutes I didn’t move, coffee got cold. I watched her slowly move around the playground digging up worms like the fledgling robin. Finally when she got just a little too close I gently let her know I was there and she hurried into the woods dark and deep. Glorious morning – glorious filled with wonder.

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