Blog: Sacred Places

Christine Alfery

Posted on December 09 2021

Blog: Sacred Places

Featured image: Sacred Place - Cairn

I have learned that there is a very mysterious feeling that can come over me when I sit quietly – anywhere – but especially when I sit quietly along the shores of Lake Superior. The feeling that comes to me is very natural. It is one that comes from observing with awe the beauty of natural things. This feeling gives me a sense of the vastness of time and open space. I become keenly aware of every sound and all the living things surrounding me. I am here in the world where my mind can be quiet. This place and all of the places that are natural and where I can sit quietly and say I am here, make me a part of this 'yes, yes, yes.'

I search for sacred places everywhere that I go. I can take a deep breath in these places that fills my entire self. I get the same feeling when I sit quietly in my backyard and watch the birds and squirrels come to the feeder. I watch how the smaller birds come in as a group, the larger birds come in pairs and the squirrels scare all things away. I watch how squirrels bury nuts in the lawn and wonder if they will ever recover those nuts again. But, most of all when I sit and watch I realize just how very very small I really am in the whole scheme of things. I think of things even smaller than the smallest of birds and survival. Survival like the squirrels burying nuts for the future. I think about the seeds I have planted throughout my life and still – still – these seeds are but a drop in the bucket.

I always come to the same conclusion when I sit quietly like this – how very very blessed I am to be alive and a part of it.

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